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Labor Laws

Employees and employers in California are subject to the labor laws as enunciated in California statues and case laws (common law) and statues drafted by the United States Congress and cases handed down by the Federal courts, mainly the Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. Although this might seem to make it quite easy to understand and apply the laws in this field one should not underestimate the complexity of this field of law. Following is a brief description of the current state of labor laws that affect Californian employees and employers. This information should only be looked at a starting point and not as a conclusive summary, nor should it be interpreted as legal advice or establishing attorney-client relationship in any way. Federal laws that affect employees are : ADEA, ADA, Title VII, and FLSA. These laws are then interpreted by federal courts all over the United States. State laws that affect California employees and employers are those stated above and : California Labor Code (see §§201-202, 1194) and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement’s (DLSE) Wage Orders.