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Representative Cases of Our Labor and Employment Attorneys

Los Angeles Employment Law Attorney of Employment Law Team Vindicate Two Independent Contractors Accused of Extortion by a Reality TV Star.

Our Los Angeles employment and discrimination attorneys were hired to defend two brothers accused of attempting to extort a reality TV star. Through our aggressive and relentless litigation tactics not only was the merit less case of the reality star dismissed and not pursued, we were able to negotiate a very reasonable settlement for the two clients' emotional distress and pain and suffering due to the frivolous lawsuit filed by the reality star. Aug 2014.

Employment Law team Reaches Another Confidential Settlement on Behalf of Client Alleging Age Discrimination.

Orange County Employee's rights attorneys of Employment Law Team have settled another case in favor of a client who alleged age discrimination. Although the fact that the settlement mandates that the terms remain strictly confidential makes it hard for us to share our thoughts on the agreement, we still would like to share our delight in bringing justice for another aggrieved employee. Call us today for a free consultation of your sexual harassment, age discrimination or retaliation claim.

Employment Law team Reached a Confidential Settlement in Overtime, Lunch Break and Termination Case

Orange County Employee's rights attorneys of Employment Law Team have reached a confidential settlement on behalf of a client who was terminated from his employment after he suffered a medical episode. Once our overtime attorneys were able to review the client's entire file, we realized that in addition to a discrimination claim the client also was entitled to overtime wages and penalties for violation of the lunch break laws under the California Labor Code. The employer insisted on keeping the terms of the settlement confidential as a condition of settlement; however, we can report that our client is quite satisfied with the result.

Employment Law Team Settles Defamation and Discrimination Case on behalf of Employee.

Attorneys of Employment Law Team were able to procure a settlement for an employee fired after he was falsely accused of misrepresenting information on his job application. The accusation had been made after the employee went on disability leave and, therefore, the lawsuit which was filed on behalf of the employee contained allegations of discrimination as well. The settlement was more than 1.5 the salary of the employee.

Employment Law Team Files Overtime Action on Behalf of Two Employees of Sugar Plum Baking Factory Co. in Gardena, California.

According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, defendants owe the plaintiffs for overtime hours worked and not paid at the mandated rate of 1.5 time the regular wages. It is also alleged that the company has violated Labor Code Section 226 and the rest and meal break laws.

Employment Law Team Settles an Overtime Case against Local Chain Restaurant

In a confidential settlement agreement overtime attorneys of Employment Law Team were able to secure a settlement for their clients in a non-payment of overtime action. The settlement will fully compensate the former employees for the overtime wages they were not paid.

Employment Law Team Settles Retaliation Case.

In a confidential settlement agreement attorneys of Employment Law Team were able to procure a $100,000 settlement for a former employee of a major national corporation who was fired after she complained to upper management about comments made about a potential candidates race. The matter was filed in California Superior Court and was eventually settled at mediation.

Employment Law Team Files Class Action on Behalf of Truck Drivers

According to the lawsuit which was filed in United States District Court for Central District of California, Dan Dee transportation has failed to pay overtime wages to truck drivers who transport petroleum products for Dan Dee in California. The complaint seeks unpaid overtime wages and attorneys fees. Press Release

Employment Law team files Class Action Suit on Behalf of Yard House Restaurant's Employees

According to the Complaint filed by attorneys of Employment Law Team (Fakhimi & Associates) the practice of having servers pay for Breakers is in violation of California Labor Code and the Business and Professions Code.

Employment Law Team files suit on behalf of executive fired after complaining of discrimination

The executive, an Asian-American female, was terminated after she complained to her boss that a potential applicant was not hired due to the fact that she was African-American. It is alleged that the senior management member made racist comments about the applicant and refused to hire her due to her race. As the case develops further information will be posted. .

Employment Law team Settles A Housing Discrimination Suit On Behalf of Clients

Plaintiffs alleged violation of Government Code Section 12955(a.) Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, it can be stated that the clients were very happy with the results.

Employment Law Team Represents Terminated Employee in a Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Employment Law Team has filed suit on behlaf of a local woman who was terminated upon her employer learning of her pregnancy.

Employment Law Team Files Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against A Local Furniture Chain.

Attorneys of Employment Law Team have filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against a chain furniture store for allegedly dismissing a worker after he was diagnosed with a medical condition. The lawsuit was filed in Orange County Superior Court. 2007

Employment Law Team files Age Discrimination Action

Attorneys of Employment Law Team have just filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against a local manufacturing company alleging age discrimination against at least two employees in their sixties (60s) who had worked for the company for over 25 years. March 2007. Results: Case settled terms subject to confidentiality. Nov 2007

Employment Law Team Recovers a Favorable Judgment in an Overtime Case

Employment Law Team was able to secure a favorable judgment for a plaintiff who had filed claims for non-payment of overtime wages against a chain in Orange County. We were also able recover our entire attorneys fees in the court's final ruling.

Reversal of Labor Commissioner's decision

Employment Law Team was able to obtain a reversal of Labor Commissioner's judgment. In a court trial in front of an Orange County Superior Court judge, attorneys associated with the Employment Law Team were able to reverse the decision of the Labor Commissioner which had awarded the employee damages equal to twenty (20) times the pay requested.

If you face a legal question related to labor and or employment law be it a federal or state issue in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Alameda county, San Francisco county or San Diego County call (888) 529-2188 or contact us online for a free consultation with an attorney well versed in the areas of: labor law, employment law, overtime laws, sexual harassment laws, wrongful termination, sexual discrimination laws and disability laws.